“Piano giant Brian Haas is taking the instrument deep into an explosive, exploratory future where genres blur and stylistic lines are not so much redrawn but re-imagined. Haas’ matchless originality and soul are as much a product of his unique upbringing as they are his process of self-discovery, and his vibrant energy and musical vitality are testament to his determination to remain true to his ideals.”
— Keyboard Magazine

“His embrace of the Music’s History is undeniable: strains of Ellington, Earl Hines and the post-modernists share space. He is a celebrated composer and fearless musical warrior, pulling together the sound sources of Nolatet with brash clusters, stinging high-register accents and thick, alluring harmonies.”
— New York City Jazz Record

“Brian Haas can play with the finesse of Keith Jarret, but still get across to the ecstasy generation.”
— New Orleans Gambit

“Haas and company concoct a sonic galaxy far more kaleidoscopic than might seem doable for a trio.”
— Downbeat

“Brian Haas blends touches of playful stride with spikey Cecil Taylor-isms and a dynamic Ahmad Jamal touch.”
— Jazztimes

“Haas solos and comps with a keen sense of post-bop, ragtime, and abstract styles.”
— JazzIz

“Brian Haas paints with his fingers. In a flurry, his joyful digits add color to 88 black and white keys. He plays with the assured abandon of an artist in complete control of his craft.”
— Keyboard Magazine

“A breadth and vision nearly untouched in modern jazz except by the likes of Wayne Shorter and Bill Frisell.”
— Signal to Noise

“And what of dear Brian Haas? What this performance cemented for me is his place as my personal favorite pianist alive. No hype, no bullshit. I’ve heard most of the major dudes working ivory today and there’s just nothing quite like Haas. I’ve grown tired of comparing him to the greats and during this set one felt his originality slosh all over them.”
— Dennis Cook, Jambase

“Frankly, it’s hard to think of a more original, fresh-sounding band.”
— All About Jazz

“…the group has matured into one of the finest and most exciting jazz groups around.”
– Billboard Magazine

“Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey weave the kind of impressionistic, imaginative new jazz that shatters any kind of identity, much less categories and classifications.”
— Chicago Sun Times



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